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Can You Leave Michigan After Your Divorce?

Moving after divorceJurisdiction is a very important issue in every divorce case. Who files first in your divorce will impact where your divorce hearings and legal proceedings are held. Where two people are located also matters greatly when it comes to sharing child custody(more…)

The Smartphone Divorce: Should You Really Trail Your Spouse with an App?

smartphone divorceCouples are getting divorced over excessive smartphone or computer usage (addiction to Facebook could end your marriage). Other husbands and wives are agreeing to a social media prenup to try to prevent Twitter and its ilk from pervading their union. And in many divorce cases, the digital trail plays a major role in the divorce settlement. So, naturally, apps that were initially meant for good – keeping track of your child’s movements after school, for example – are being used for (sometimes) evil, allowing people the option of trailing the spouse they fear is cheating on them or lying to them. (more…)

How Your Michigan Divorce Affects Your Child’s College Financial Aid

Divorce and college financial aidYou’re divorced or preparing to divorce. Your child is preparing to go college. Money is inevitably on your mind. Your divorce will affect your child’s chances of receiving college financial aid, but whether your split works in your favor depends on many factors, including the school your child chooses, the type of financial aid forms that school requires, and who the custodial parent is.  (more…)

Technology Makes Infidelity Easier, but People Still Aren’t OK with Cheating

Infidelity We know about the “dating” sites for those who are seeking to have an affair. And we know that sexting, hookup apps, and social media platforms have made it easy for people to connect with others in relatively quiet ways, even if they’re married to someone else. Technology has made it far easier for infidelity to occur. And even though everyone’s talking about infidelity, that doesn’t mean we’re all OK with the reality of it – clearly evidenced by the number of marriages that have ended because of an affair. (more…)

How a Michigan Divorce Can Impact Your Retirement

Social Security benefits after divorceGood riddance, some might say after their divorce. That’s the end of that. Not necessarily. Your former marriage can actually impact your retirement benefits, and not always in a good way. (more…)

When the Wife Gets Sick, Is Divorce Inevitable?

Divorce after illnessWhat doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Turns out, what doesn’t kill you could ultimately end your marriage, at least if you’re a woman. A new study from Iowa State University reports that marriages are more likely to end in divorce when wives get sick. Perhaps “in sickness and in health” is a tougher vow for people to uphold than they ever anticipated. (more…)

2014 Divorce News: Who’s Getting Married? Who’s Getting Divorced?

Divorce and marriage newsAs another year comes to a close, it’s always interesting to revisit divorce and marriage news, particularly statistics about divorce and remarriage. There will be plenty of lists of celebs who got hitched and split up, but this post looks at the behavior of “normal” couples and individuals nationwide. (more…)

Post-Divorce: Successfully Blending Families During the Holidays

Blended FamilyHolidays can be highly charged occasions in the best of times, but when you’re celebrating Christmas with your newly blended family, emotions are inevitably heightened. So how do you make it work when your kids will be putting up two trees in two homes? When you’re mixing your children with your new spouse’s children? When traditions clash? Blending a family takes time. That first Christmas together can be awkward and challenging, especially when one or both families have gone through a recent divorce. (more…)

Just Say No to the DIY Divorce

DIY DivorceDivorce can be an expensive process, so it’s only natural that people look for ways to trim costs. But rather than cutting back on spending or editing the monthly budget in order to save money and adjust to a more modest lifestyle, many individuals choose to embark on a do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce in an effort to avoid attorney fees. It is possible to file your divorce paperwork on your own and complete the process without an attorney’s help. Will it be easy? No. Is it recommended? Absolutely not. (more…)

5 Tips for Successful Online Dating After Divorce

Dating online after divorceAfter going through a Michigan divorce, you may suddenly find yourself a single parent or needing to work more than ever. It can feel nearly impossible to find the time to develop any sort of social life so that you can meet new people. Thank goodness for the convenience of online dating. (more…)

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