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    How to Choose the Right Michigan Divorce Lawyer

    You’ve already made one of the biggest and most painful decisions of your adult life – to get a divorce. Just as there are the right and wrong partners in love and business, there is the right divorce attorney too.

    Because your emotions are in such a heightened state, you can be more sensitive when meeting with lawyers, or you can feel numb.

    Because of these extremes, keep the following tips in mind to help you logically choose the right Michigan divorce lawyer for you:

    Ask about experience

    Select a Michigan divorce lawyer who specializes in family law. Divorce is not one-size-fits-all, and the right attorney respects this fact. Whether your main concern is child custody, spousal support, division of assets, or even pet custody, choose the divorce lawyer who is comfortable and experienced in all aspects of Michigan divorce law and is prepared to help you successfully settle the matters that are most important to you.

    Ask about working relationships

    Part of a lawyer’s expertise includes working regularly with family court judges and their clerks and staff. Having a strong working relationship and credibility with the court plays a major role in the success of your case. You want a divorce lawyer who has a good rapport with the Friend of the Court office and other divorce attorneys and is proud of their ability to work well with their peers, colleagues, and essential players in your divorce.

    Look for empathy

    There are some divorce attorneys who take all the right steps to get you where you want to be, and then there are those who take the extra step to show that they are personally invested in you and your situation. Choose the lawyer who is committed to working hard to keep your divorce as civil as possible, shelter your children from the negative aspects of this situation, and show you that they care about your unique and challenging situation.

    Find out if they really know what you want

    Every divorce is not the same and your lawyer should seek to understand your wishes and not push their own agenda. You may want a bulldog in court or you may want a softer touch – you’ll get a sense of a lawyer’s personality from the start and whether it will mesh with yours, but keep in mind that you also want the lawyer with the right temperament to get you what you want in court. Look for tenacity, balanced with the ability to reflect upon and respect your divorce goals.

    Get a sense of effectiveness

    Some divorce cases require more than just the support of your lawyer and his or her experienced staff – and a good divorce lawyer knows when to call in or recommend support, such as a mediator, private investigator, divorce coach, or financial expert. Every move should be done in your best interest to effectively and efficiently settle your case.

    See if you can afford them

    A good divorce lawyer wants your split to be affordable for you. Every client’s financial situation is different. Seek a lawyer who uses their time wisely and is willing to work with you to formulate a fee arrangement that fits within your means. In some circumstances, this effort may include getting support from a paralegal for a lower rate and saving your divorce lawyer for the big questions and concerns. The right lawyer will also let you know when you can save money by collecting supplemental materials on your own.

    Find out what happens after the divorce

    Once your divorce is settled, that doesn’t mean your split is complete. Parenting time, child support, spousal support – these matters can come to the forefront again and again. Even after your case has concluded you want a divorce lawyer who is committed to helping you with any post-judgment problems that may arise.

    When all else fails, go with your gut. Sometimes you just know when you’ve found right divorce lawyer for you.

    At Michigan Divorce Help, we offer all the above and more, respecting each client’s individual needs and approaching each case with fresh eyes and open mind, always keeping your divorce goals in mind. Our experienced divorce lawyers are proactive, highly respected, and a member of our staff is available to our clients.

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