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    Do You Need a Social Media Prenup?

    Prenuptial agreements are not only in place to safeguard a person’s assets in a relationship. Our technology-driven world is increasingly connected by social media, and establishing boundaries about your spouse’s behavior on a social sharing site could be the difference between a marriage that succeeds and a marriage that ends. But we’re talking about divorce here, and that social media clause may be even more important to you in the event that your marriage does implode.

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    The Breadth of Social Media

    It’s been proven that excessive use of Facebook can lead to the demise of a marriage. But what’s become more common of late is social media bashing of a former spouse during and after a split.

    A social media clause in a prenup can prevent disastrous public postings before they actually happen. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high-profile figure or Mrs. Jones who lives on Main Street, one foul, embarrassing, painful, or intensely personal tweet by the person you once loved can be life-changing for a person, ruin a reputation, or impact the lives of your children.

    Social media has a broad reach, and it’s public. You might as well consider social media posts as permanent once they’re out there, even though things can be deleted. A cached version might still be available through a search, or maybe someone has taken a screen shot of your posting.

    However, if your prenup includes a clause to prevent unwanted social media postings before they occur, you are safeguarding yourself and your family from your former spouse’s anger, sadness, and poor choice of outlet for which to express these feelings.

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    What Does Social Media Behavior Mean for Your Divorce?

    Some people overshare on social media. Some make unwise comments or post private photos in the heat of the moment. Any direct comments about you that are published online during your divorce can impact how your divorce proceeds.

    A social media clause in a prenuptial agreement can put monetary sanctions in place for harmful or inappropriate postings after a split. If you want divorce proceedings to continue on in your favor, the social media clause is certainly motivation to keep that Facebook page clean.

    It also pays to remember that a digital trail, whether you’re posting unsavory details about your former spouse or not, can be used against you in a divorce. Is what you’re posting on social media in direct opposition to what you’re claiming in divorce documents? Have you created a trail that leads to evidence of infidelity, lavish purchases and vacations, or facts that contradict what you’ve claimed to be true about your station in life?

    Manage your cyber presence carefully and always think twice before you post anything about your divorce proceedings or your ex. Your Michigan divorce attorney can tell you exactly what role social media, emails, and texts can play in your divorce, and offer advice about how to protect your privacy and reputation whether you have a prenuptial agreement with a social media clause or not. Contact Michigan Divorce Help in Mt. Clemens, MI, to schedule your initial interview.

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