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    Michigan Divorce FAQ

    Is Daylight Saving Time Bad for Your Marriage?

    We might gain an hour when the clocks fall back, but not many people stop to consider what this time change does to everything in their life, let alone their marriage. Discover how a light change, hour change, and seasonal change might contribute to a Michigan divorce.

    Spooky Side Effects of a DIY Divorce

    You can create plenty of legal documents online, from estate planning materials to divorce paperwork. Just because you can, though, doesn’t mean you should. It may seem like doing your divorce yourself is the fastest way to get your split started and finished, but there are plenty of spooky side effects when you attempt to Spooky Side Effects of a DIY Divorce

    Stop Punishing Yourself Post-Divorce

    Guilt is one of the many emotions people feel post-divorce. It’s natural to experience this state of being, but it’s definitely not healthy for guilt to be the dominant feeling most of the time. You don’t have to punish yourself post-divorce. Here’s how to see the bright side of your split.

    6 Social Media Mistakes During Divorce

    You may want to stay active on your favorite social media platforms during your divorce so you can connect with others. Unfortunately, there are grenades on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and beyond and there are temptations to speak or act in ways that won’t serve you well. Here are some of the social media mistakes 6 Social Media Mistakes During Divorce

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