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    Big Benefits to Getting a Summer Divorce

    summer divorce femminineo attorneys

    Many couples, especially those with children, opt to avoid initiating a divorce in summer. They don’t want to interfere with hot-weather fun or a Michigan divorce may seem like a heavy choice at what is supposed to be a leisurely time of year. There are, however, some big benefits to filing for a summer divorce. If you’re on the fence about when to make the decision, these reasons might sway you.

    Time for the Kids to Adjust

    Even if your kids have camps and sports teams they’re committed to for summer, their schedules are still different than during the school year. Breaking the divorce news now gives them time to adjust to the idea of their parents no longer being together when they’re not in the middle of homework, projects, and activities. It may also be necessary to switch schools or where they live, and that will take time.

    Work Out Parenting Time Now

    When you decide to file for a summer divorce, the work to finalize your split will carry on for months. That’s simply the nature of a divorce. It can feel better to initiate this change in your family’s lives when school is not in session or you’re on vacation from work because it gives you time to develop an interim parenting time schedule before school gets started again.

    Beat the Holidays

    It will be difficult to break the divorce news to your family and friends no matter what time of year you file, but it can be easier to tell everyone what’s happening long before the holiday season. A summer divorce is one that is no longer news by the time you reach winter break. It’s the first holiday without your spouse, but it will also be a situation you have lived with for several months by then – and being in that state will be far less stressful for you to endure when people have questions six months after the fact.

    The Summer Divorce Timeline

    June and July are less popular as divorce months, but August is one of the peak months of the year for divorce filings in Michigan. There are a few possible reasons why some people wait until the end of summertime to decide:

    • Couples want to give their marriage one last chance.
    • They don’t want to disrupt the kids’ time off from school.
    • There are family gatherings and reunions to attend.

    Choose the Right Time for You

    Many couples are happy to say goodbye to their marriage in summer, when time feels eternal, the sunshine days are long, and so many possibilities are ahead. Winter divorce filings can feel interminable – sad, short, dark days that make a beautiful future seem like an impossibility. Whatever season you choose to end your marriage, the most important thing is to have a divorce lawyer on your side supporting you through it all. Schedule a consultation with Femminineo Attorneys in Mt. Clemens, MI.

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