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    Is It Possible to Get a Fast Divorce in Michigan?

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    One of the most common questions couples have at the start of the divorce process is, “How long is this going to take?” There are many factors that affect the speed of a Michigan divorce, but the best advice for everyone is to be patient.

    Speeding Up the Divorce Process When You Have Kids

    If you have children, the divorce process will last a minimum of 180 days, or six months. There is a lot to be decided where children are concerned, far more than just separating assets, debts, and belongings of two adults.

    If you want to feel like your divorce is moving quickly, discuss the value of interim orders with your Michigan divorce lawyer. Interims – temporary orders – give you the option to address major divorce issues before your divorce is final, including:

    • Child custody: Maintain your kids’ schedules, schooling, activities, and living arrangements.
    • Parenting time: See your children a reasonable amount of time.
    • Child support: Get the financial support you need for your kids and to maintain their standard of living.

    Interim orders are not permanent, but they do put rules in place that couples can follow as they finalize the finer points of their divorce. The matters with the most urgency and where kids are concerned are typically eligible for this treatment.

    No Kids? Still Be Patient

    If you and your partner do not have children, a Michigan divorce will take a minimum of 60 days to complete. Don’t get too excited about that timeline though. The chances of your union legally ending in two months is unlikely. You still have plenty to do too, including:

    • Discovery and interrogatories
    • Divorce complaint and answer
    • Divorce mediation
    • Marital property division

    Avoid the DIY Divorce

    Many divorcing couples realize that an online do-it-yourself divorce is available to them. Any divorce attorney will advise you to make another choice. Understandably, most people are concerned about the cost of their divorce and want to make choices that are an conservative as possible, but if you don’t have professional legal guidance along the way – and you will not have that with a DIY divorce – you can end up losing more or taking on too much debt in the process.

    Focus on the Future

    A 60-day divorce is the minimum for every couple in Michigan, no matter your parental status or financial circumstances. Divorces take time and they take paperwork. Realistically, they can take up to a year to complete.

    No matter how eager both you and your ex are to say goodbye to each other permanently, follow the guidance of your Michigan divorce lawyer at Femminineo Attorneys. You’ll be thankful you didn’t rush the process or attempt to sidestep the fees involved in managing your split. Contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more about what your divorce will look like.

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