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6 daysago
Whether you are newly divorced or in the thick of divorce proceedings, the approaching holidays can put you in a funk or have you behaving in ways that just aren’t you. Everything has changed, and now all the traditions you had with your ex and...
3 weeksago
Divorce is stressful for everyone in a family. The emotional turmoil a child can experience is especially distressing. To prevent unnecessary suffering, some parents stay together for the sake of their kids; others simply have no choice but to split up. Either way, children feel...
January 15, 2021
11 monthsago

Opposites attract? That used to be the saying, but this idea doesn’t necessarily fly if, in your marriage, one of you is a Democrat and one of you is a Republican. In the current polarizing environment, differing political views have been leading to Michigan divorces… left and right.

Love and Politics

A study conducted at Yale University examined the voter registration records of over 18 million couples and found that “mixed” political marriages are not uncommon. While 70% of married couples were made of pairs with the same political affiliation, 30% were a mixed-party relationship.

There are some high-profile couples who have made their differences work for decades, like Mary Matalin and James Carville, Republican and Democratic political consultants, respectively. Then there is a couple like Kellyanne Conway, righthand woman to Donald Trump during most of his campaign and presidency, and her husband George Conway. George is a registered Republican, but he has loudly opposed the antics of Trump through his entire term, unapologetically in direct opposition to his wife. He is the founder of the Lincoln Project, a political action committed dedicated to defeating Trumpism. They’re still married – for now.

While some couples may thrive on their differences and even be united because of the political discourse, plenty more are torn apart by their political divide.

Moving Beyond Liberalism and Conservatism

It’s not just politics that are causing problems now, but all the issues surrounding politics that are being flamed by the war between liberals and conservatives. Black Lives Matter, abortion rights, gay marriage, immigration, and mask-wearing are matters that voters have deep gut feelings about. When your opinion is not the same opinion of the person with whom you share a marriage, that could lead to disaster.

The open-minded among us may, in the past, have stuck it out with a person because of all their other wonderful characteristics. They may have been willing to set aside their political leanings. But the heated society in which we now live has made politics front and center. If you don’t have an opinion these days and if you’re not willing to defend it, some might question whether you’re a true American.

Even if you can look past fundamental political differences, your partner may not be capable of such generosity. One-half of a couple can’t make a marriage work. Politics has become a tipping point in love.

Can You Avoid a Michigan Divorce If Your Politics Differ?

If you want to avoid a Michigan divorce, you can start by dating people who share your beliefs. Dating apps like Bumble and have set up party preference indicators for dating profiles so along with checking the box for “tall” and “love cats” you can choose your political preference. Or you could register with a dating site specifically designated for people on the right, or people on the left.

When you’re already hitched though and suddenly politics become the hot-button issue in your marriage, you can find yourself facing unpleasant existential questions, worrying about whether your spouse is a terrible person because of his or her beliefs. Worrying that your children will grow up to think like “them.”

If the great political divide has brought your marriage to the brink and you cannot develop a mutual respect for your differing beliefs, contact Femminineo Attorneys in Macomb County to schedule your free consultation.


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