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    Do You Need a Parenting Coordinator During Your Michigan Divorce?

    High-conflict divorces are a reality. While you may have the best of intentions for your split, it can become contentious and ugly if one or both parties are angry, frustrated, or stubborn. When children are involved, disagreements between parents become even more problematic. A parenting coordinator can help your Michigan divorce resolve more quickly and smoothly.

    What Is a Parenting Coordinator?

    Parenting coordination is defined as a form of child-centered dispute resolution for parents in high-conflict divorces. When traditional divorce mediation doesn’t work, a parenting coordinator can help parties implement the court’s parenting time orders and resolve parenting disputes.

    Parenting coordinators are appointed by the court for a specified length of time. Through education, mediation, and case management, parenting coordinators help families fulfill their obligations to their children and comply with the recommendations of the court.

    Qualifications of a Parenting Coordinator

    A parenting coordinator (PC) is experienced in family mediation and fully trained in domestic relations mediation. They must be either a licensed mental health professional or licensed legal professional with a focus on families. Typically, a PC is an attorney, psychologist, professional counselor, or marriage and family therapist with an advanced degree.

    Because the particulars of every divorce case vary, it is critical for the PC to have training in the parenting coordination process, family dynamics in separation and divorce, parenting coordination techniques, domestic violence and child maltreatment, and court-specified parenting coordination procedures.

    Benefits of Using a Parenting Coordinator

    Divorce courts always put the interests of the children first. If there is great conflict between a divorcing couple, the kids will suffer. Children who are raised in high-conflict environments have a much greater risk of developing significant emotional and behavioral problems. PCs are encouraged – and sometimes ordered – by the court to minimize the negative effects of a hostile divorce on children and families.

    Some divorces are so contentious that a couple is unable to have a civilized conversation without it becoming an argument. With the presence and assistance of a parenting coordinator, matters like parenting time, child custody, and other matters can be more effectively discussed and settled – without fighting.

    A parenting coordinator is unbiased, impartial, and looking only for the best solution for your children, regardless of the conflict between the divorce parties. PCs are also valuable because they can explain court orders, make recommendations to the court, and help parties stay in compliance. A PC is on your side. They want to make your Michigan divorce easier and more efficient.

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