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    4 Reasons Valentine’s Day Can Lead to Divorce

    For many struggling couples, an unsatisfying Valentine’s Day is the last straw in an already shaky union. For others, it’s a sign that their marriage is in worse shape than they thought it was. Getting her the wrong flowers or forgetting to get him a card on February 14 isn’t going to tank a healthy marriage, but a failed Valentine’s Day can lead to divorce in relationships that are already breaking apart.

    1. Failed Expectations

    Having expectations when it comes to a holiday like Valentine’s Day can be a recipe for disaster. If you are struggling in your marriage, you may expect seriously good romance from your significant other if there is any chance of making your relationship work. If his or her efforts on February 14 don’t blow you away, if you feel dismissed or unloved, if the celebration isn’t meaningful enough, you may decide that a Michigan divorce is the next step.

    2. Cheating Is Exposed

    Ask any florist anywhere and they will tell you they receive plenty of orders from people to send flowers to their spouse on Valentine’s Day – as well as their girlfriend or boyfriend. Unfortunately, these orders sometimes get mixed up. Or a spouse finds a gift they think is for them only to never receive it, then realize it went to someone else. February 14 can be a day that exposes infidelity, and while Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, it still matters to your split if someone is unfaithful.

    3. Lack of Romance

    If you’re thinking more about yourself, your job, or anything but your spouse on Valentine’s Day, this can lead to you scheduling a business trip, an outing with the guys, or a personal day that doesn’t involve your significant other. While February 14 isn’t important to everyone, for many people whose union is on the rocks, it’s a dedicated day to show that you really do still care. Failing to make Valentine’s Day a priority, or at least making a small effort at romance, can be the end to a marriage.

    4. You Don’t Care

    If one or both of you decide together to skip Valentine’s Day, or don’t even talk about how you’ll celebrate the holiday, this might be a sign that you are simply no longer invested in your relationship. Sure, you might be overwhelmed with kids and work and responsibilities, and that’s normal. Laughing together at the end of February 14 and realizing that you both missed the holiday is one thing, but deliberately choosing to ignore the day to avoid any intimacy with your spouse is another thing entirely.  

    Get Michigan Divorce Help After Valentine’s Day

    The divorce rate tends to increase just after Valentine’s Day, a sure sign that this holiday is the last hurrah for many couples. Fail to deliver and your marriage could be over. While putting a lot of emphasis on one day of the year may seem crazy to some, to those who are struggling in their relationship it makes sense. It’s one day to find out if the love they once had with someone is still there. Lacking that proof, the first call on February 15 may be to a Michigan divorce lawyer.

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