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    Can Your Marriage Recover from Infidelity?

    Infidelity is the cause of the breakdown of many marriages. Couples who want to avoid divorce may attempt to repair their union after cheating has occurred, focusing on their connection, children, and lives together rather than indiscretions. It is possible to recover from infidelity but it’s not always easy. Some couples opt not to even try. They consider infidelity the point of no return and pursue a Michigan divorce instead.

    Extramarital Affairs During the Holidays

    This time of year can be tricky for people in already shaky unions. There are always temptations to cheat, but holiday time can be even more difficult with an excess of alcohol at parties, traveling without your partner, or reuniting with old flames.

    Those who have already been through the awfulness of infidelity may struggle with painful memories, loneliness, and awkward conversations with relatives or friends, perhaps even someone who was involved in the circumstances.

    Many people who have had infidelity infiltrate their marriage admit to a flare-up of triggers during the holidays – and that may push them to make unwise choices and connect with someone who isn’t their partner.

    Can You Get Past the Aftermath of Infidelity?

    If your spouse has cheated on you, before you see your Michigan divorce attorney to begin divorce proceedings, you may want to see a marriage counselor to determine if your union is salvageable. This can happen as a couple or alone. What’s most important is grounding yourself and preparing to make the decisions that are best for you.

    You may not be able to get past the aftermath of infidelity, but you can get the tools you need to manage this reality and move forward in a healthy way. To succeed in this unwanted and unexpected change:

    • Take care of yourself: Eat and sleep well, exercise, take care of your mind, body, and heart. You don’t have to avoid everyone else or shirk your parenting duties, but make sure you’re prioritizing your own needs too.
    • Accept reality: Denial can get in the way of acceptance and healing and will not help you move forward or make difficult decisions. Process what happened and take time to develop perspective before making knee-jerk reactions.
    • Feel your emotions: You may not want to let out your true feelings about your partner’s infidelity in front of the kids, and that’s reasonable, but you should expect to feel a host of shifting emotions as you grieve the innocence of your marriage.

    How Infidelity Can Impact Your Michigan Divorce

    Michigan is a no-fault state, so even if your partner has been cheating on you for years, that isn’t relevant in the dissolution of your marriage. However, this fact does come into play when it comes to parenting time, custody, spousal support, and child support. What your ex did with their time – spending it with someone else instead of you or your children – factors into how a judge determines the amount of quality time and support people get in a divorce.

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