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    Tips to Stay Strong During Your Michigan Divorce

    If there is one thing in life that will test you and show you that you’re stronger than you ever thought possible, it’s a divorce. However, even the toughest person will be tested by the mental, emotional, financial, and logistical demands of this process. Here are tips for staying strong during your Michigan divorce.

    Don’t Let Nostalgia Take Over

    You’re cleaning out the basement or a holiday closet. You come across your kids’ sweet family portrait drawn in preschool, a cherished gift from your ex, or a decoration that you bought together during your first year of marriage. Nostalgia can make anyone soft but sentimentality about what was could weaken you in your divorce proceedings.

    You’ve been working hard with your Michigan divorce attorney to ensure that you get what you deserve in your split. Now is not the time to get generous and blow up a hard-fought settlement. Your lawyer will be looking out for you and reminding you of your positions, but make you work hard to hear the logic and wisdom and keep moving ahead in the dissolution of your marriage.

    Put Yourself First

    Yes, it is important to put yourself first. Not all the time, of course, especially when the children are involved, but sometimes. If you’re not taking care of yourself during this trying time, you won’t be able to give your family the best of you.

    Self-care might be a buzz word these days, but it’s a worthwhile one. Just make sure you’re clear on what caring for yourself really means. It’s not about showering and getting your hair done, it’s about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual care, like asking for what you need, setting boundaries, saying no, investing in a passion project, and more.

    Focus on the Future

    It may be hard right now but at this time next year, life will be a little easier. Maybe not in all ways, but in many ways. And the year after that, things will ease even more. In the moment, divorce is a challenging existence. Every day after, though, brings new hope and a way into your new future.

    Instead of holding on to the last little things or being vindictive just to spite your ex, let them go. You know what really matters and what doesn’t. You know what will suck your energy and what will buoy your spirits. Consider this a time of new beginnings rather than sad endings and focus on all the good that lies ahead.

    Find an Ally

    One of the most important things you can have during your Michigan divorce is an ally, someone who understands what you’re going through and is prepared to support you and help you make difficult decisions. For many people, that is their divorce lawyer. They are the impartial party who can see your circumstances for what they are rather than looking at them emotionally or with a history.

    Strength comes from believing in yourself and also knowing that you have people on your side. Your lawyer has your best interests at heart and those of your children. Get the help you need right away so you can launch yourself into a new place in life.  Contact Femminineo Attorneys today for your initial consultation.

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