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    4 Qualities to Look for In a Michigan Divorce Lawyer

    Once you’ve made the decision to divorce, your next major decision will be selecting your Michigan divorce lawyer. It’s important for you to research your options, interview several candidates in person, and select the right attorney for you.

    Here are four qualities to look for when you’re vetting Michigan divorce attorneys.

    1. Experience

    You want your lawyer to have experience, but you want them to have the right kind of experience. You don’t go to a tax attorney for a divorce, and you don’t go to a divorce attorney for help with tax problems. Whether you are particularly concerned about child custody, spousal support, or otherwise, choose an attorney who is well-versed in all manner of divorce law.

    2. Location

    You might hear great things about a Michigan divorce lawyer, but if they don’t practice regularly in the jurisdiction where your divorce will be settled, turn elsewhere. An attorney may be qualified but you want a lawyer who works regularly with your court, knows the judges and the Friend of the Court, and has an excellent working relationship with all so they can fight effectively on your behalf.

    3. Personality

    Maybe you want a bulldog in your divorce, or someone with a gentle hand. Maybe you’re looking for empathy above all, or perhaps you want someone who will keep you focused on your money goals without any room for sentimentality. Ultimately, you need to know what you want out of your Michigan divorce attorney so you can settle on the person who understands your unique goals and keeps them at the forefront from start to finish.

    4. Communication

    You know yourself, but you don’t necessarily know how you’re going to behave within the confines of divorce proceedings. Where you might be hands-off in the rest of your business dealings, you may want a weekly play-by-play of what’s happening with your divorce. Select an attorney who is prepared to communicate the way you want them to and with the frequency in which you need it.

    Choose the Right Michigan Divorce Attorney for You

    Divorces happen every day, but that doesn’t mean yours will be straightforward or like anyone else’s. Divorce can be complicated and you need the right kind of Michigan divorce attorney on your side, supporting your goals, fighting on your behalf, and making sure that you and your children are taken care of during and after your divorce.

    Schedule a no-cost consultation with a divorce lawyer at Michigan Divorce Help PLLC in Macomb, Michigan, to ask all of your divorce questions and determine whether our firm is the right fit for you. Contact us today to schedule your visit.

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