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    Should You Hire a Michigan Divorce Concierge?

    Couples hire a wedding planner to handle the many details of their nuptials. Now, a divorce concierge can be retained to help manage the complexities of your split. Sometimes referred to as a divorce coach, a divorce concierge is absolutely not a substitution for your divorce attorney, but consulting one of these experts can significantly simplify the divorce process

    Some divorcing individuals will hire a divorce concierge before they even hire their divorce attorney because the concierge is full of advice about the best lawyer for your particular situation. The concierge also helps a person keep tabs on their legal bills and understand the basics of the legal process of divorce. There are different ways to get a divorce, and a divorce concierge helps clients choose the right process and the best professional to assist, depending on the unique circumstances of your situation.

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    The Unseen Elements of Divorce

    While people who are going through a divorce likely anticipate the emotional and financial burdens of the process, they may not anticipate the time-consuming elements of divorce. The divorce process requires a great deal of document gathering, discovery may be necessary, and life as a whole is changing every step of the way. People who are getting a divorce are busy, whether they like it or not.

    What a divorce concierge is able to do is bridge all the gaps and take some responsibilities away from the client so they have more time to take care of the most important details and, quite critically, themselves. A concierge also aids your lawyer by allowing them to focus on the legal work. Think of a divorce concierge as a bit of a personal assistant for you throughout the labor-intensive divorce process. The divorce concierge not only assists by supporting a client through the legal hoops, but by managing whatever is needed in daily life – from running errands to paying bills, finding new child care options to getting a home ready for sale.

    There is also moral support from a divorce concierge, who has your best interests at heart. Whether you’re at the end of a divorce and starting over, in the middle of the divorce whirlwind, or just getting started in your split and considering filing first, a concierge is prepared to serve. Some clients don’t use a divorce concierge for anything to do with their actual divorce, but instead utilize this professional to get them started in a new life, whether that means arranging weight loss programs, life coaching, career counseling, online dating, or financial advice.

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    Divorce Is a Lifestyle

    Whether you like it or not, divorce is a lifestyle, and you have to live differently as your marriage partnership changes to a solo operation. For some people, a divorce concierge is just one more expense. For others, their services are a lifesaver, simplifying a complex case and making the divorce process more efficient by getting the client organized and well-prepared for every meeting with their divorce attorney. 

    If you’re prepared to file for divorce contact an experienced Michigan divorce attorney at Michigan Divorce Help in Mt. Clemens, MI, to schedule your no-cost  and learn more about all the services that are available to you.

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