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    Is The Golden Bachelor Divorce Really a Divorce?

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    People are still talking about the The Golden Bachelor divorce, and there are mixed feelings about this short-lived romance. Was it a scam? Did they really fall in love? Did they even give their marriage a chance after only three months of “wedded bliss”? It’s time to dissect the circumstances of this golden divorce and love in your 60s, 70s, and beyond.

    Where Does Love Reside?

    The first installment of senior dating in The Golden Bachelor, an offshoot of reality television’s The Bachelor, seemed to end beautifully. Widower Gerry Turner and widow Theresa Nist found love on camera.

    Just a few months later, they wedded on camera too.

    Three months after that, their union was dunzo.

    Could the split have something to do with Theresa living in New Jersey and seeing her children and grandchildren every day and Gerry living in Indiana and doing the same? Maybe that’s the crux of the matter. Unlike the enthusiastic “young folks” of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette who are prepared to upend their lives for new love, Gerry and Theresa implied with their divorce news that once you’re established adults, the idea of upending that ship is a non-negotiable.

    Talking About the Big Picture

    Every marriage is different, and so is every divorce. While finding love on a reality show is definitely hit or miss in terms of success, some couples have made it work regardless of obstacles. Other couples, it seems, discover their new significant other isn’t all that attractive to them in the real world and they don’t want to spend the rest of their life with them.

    If you’ve ever watched any episode of The Golden Bachelor and its counterparts, there is often a bit of a deep dive lacking when it comes to conversations about life, work, location, plans, family, and more. You know, the important stuff. The stuff of a true marriage.

    Golden Bachelor Divorce Money Matters

    Typically, divorce involves splitting your assets. There are heavy legal decisions to be made about parenting time, child custody, spousal support, and who gets the dog and the house. A divorce involves difficult choices and many of them are not amicable.

    Gerry and Theresa have made it seem like their split, while sad, is a breeze. Chances are, it is. They didn’t have time to truly be together – or even agree on where to live – let alone amass shared assets. It’s likely there aren’t many decisions to be made when it comes to separating their lives.

    Maybe they decided to end their marriage now, knowing they’re devoted to the people and places where they currently live. Easier to say goodbye before things get more entwined, before sharing a bank account. Maybe The Golden Bachelor franchise will recognize that location is crucial for the next leading lady or leading man and will shop for potential matches in the zip codes surrounding their established life.

    Planning for the Future

    Whatever the age of your marriage, whatever your age, if a Michigan divorce is on your mind, schedule a consultation with Femminineo Attorneys to discuss your circumstances. Find out what to expect for the next phase of your life if you choose to end your marriage.

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