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    Identifying 4 Types of Divorce Stress

    divorce stress femminineo attorneys

    Some of the biggest stressors a person can experience in life include moving, starting a new job, the death of a loved one, and divorce. Splitting up with your spouse is a major financial and logistical concern, but it’s important to acknowledge the mental and emotional upheaval of divorce too. Recognize what you’re going through so you can manage the divorce stress and seek support as needed through the process.

    1. The Children

    If you’re a parent who is getting a divorce, the kids will be one of the first things on your mind.

    • How will this break-up affect your kids?
    • Will you see your children as often as you want?
    • Will all the childrearing responsibilities fall on you?
    • Will your ex pay child support like they’re supposed to?
    • Will your children hate you for getting a divorce?

    Some of these questions are unanswerable while others are enforced by the legal system. Worrying about how divorce impacts your kids is a major layer of anxiety for someone who is already stressed.

    2. Your Health

    Stress compromises the immune system. The more stressful a divorce is, the more likely you are to pick up illnesses, major or minor. Chronic stress can force the body to break down. The longer a Michigan divorce lasts, the more sickness you are likely to experience.

    Mental health is often what takes the biggest toll when it comes to divorce stress, which can lead to serious conditions like depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. Your divorce lawyer, family, or friends may recommend therapy or psychiatric treatment to help you through this rough patch and reduce your stress. It is normal to worry through a Michigan divorce, to have concerns about your identity and well-being. You may be eager to start fresh, but your psyche also needs to weather change.

    3. Your Finances

    Even if your divorce settlement results in you getting spousal support and child support every month, these payments do not guarantee financial security. When a two-adult household turns into a one-adult household, there are legitimate money fears for both parties:

    • The loss of a two-income household
    • Increased expenses for two households
    • Managing divorce fees
    • Paying for everything the kids need
    • Keeping the family home
    • Change in lifestyle

    Money equals stress for many people, even in the best of times. Add divorce to the equation and the anxiety increases tenfold.

    4. The Future

    If your marriage has reached the breaking point, whether spectacularly or softly, you have experienced stress whether you realize it or not, whether you want this divorce or not. What’s happening with the dissolution of your marriage affects you now – and it affects your future in ways that you can see and, also, cannot predict.

    Maybe you fear the legal process or an expensive court battle. You may worry about maintaining a life during divorce and starting over after the papers have been signed. Even if you have a strong support system, you may fear a future of being alone or never finding love again.

    Know this: Your divorce stress is normal. Work with an experienced divorce attorney who is on your side and your entire split will be easier and less stressful than you anticipated. Schedule a consultation with Femminineo Attorneys.

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