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    2 weeksago
    You’re getting a divorce, you’re moving, you have double (or half) the responsibilities you had before, your kids are upset. There are a lot of things happening in the life of a person who’s going through a Michigan divorce, and because of this you can...
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    You may want to stay active on your favorite social media platforms during your divorce so you can connect with others. Unfortunately, there are grenades on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and beyond and there are temptations to speak or act in ways that won’t serve...
    October 17, 2022
    8 monthsago

    Prenuptial agreements aren’t only for the rich and famous. And this document isn’t only about protecting financial interests. Any couple headed to the altar has the right to have a prenup drawn up to protect their interests should they divorce in the future, and there are plenty of factors that can be addressed in writing before that walk down the aisle. In fact, making this document a reality could just prevent a divorce later.

    1. Smartphone Usage

    Terrified of becoming the couple who sit together in the family room staring at screens instead of engaging with each other? By create a clause about smartphone usage, you can impact how much you rely on your phones instead of each other. Some couples get even more specific and put limits on social media use – not only the amount of time spent on it, but the personal information that is shared.

    2. Travel and Vacations

    Whether one or both halves of a couple have wanderlust, if there is any discrepancy about whether vacations are a priority, a prenup can make it clear that travel is a must. If children enter the picture or other obligations take precedence, straying from your usual couples’ vacation schedule can be detrimental for pairs who need that time to reconnect. A prenup can ensure that you take time for each other weekly, monthly, annually, or otherwise.

    3. Pet Custody

    Pets, no matter how much you love them, are considered property in a divorce and are therefore subject to equitable distribution, not a child custody clause. If you have your dog, cat, or other creature identified in a prenup agreement, you can state who will get custody of your animal in case of a divorce.

    4. Drug Testing

    If there is a history of drug or alcohol abuse by one half of a couple, a prenuptial agreement can outline the timeline for regular drug testing and the consequences of failing a drug test. There may be a fine to pay or a mandatory return to rehab or counseling. Or the drug use may be a one-and-done situation where Michigan divorce is the only consequence for someone who is drinking or doing drugs.

    5. Weight Control

    Identifying the acceptable weight of your spouse in a prenup is controversial but it isn’t uncommon. Some agreements specify that a certain amount of exercise or weight is required – the consequences could be a financial penalty or the end of the marriage.

    6. Sex Life

    Any couple can identify in their prenup what they require for a healthy sex life – this can include everything from the frequency of intercourse to sexual preferences. Some even put in writing that they must both undergo regular STD testing.

    7. Whatever Matters Most to You

    Nearly anything can be included in a prenup, even if it seems outrageous, like a clause about what sports teams can be watched in the house, how holidays will be celebrated and where, or what family members they agree to avoid. No matter what a prenup says, it is a legal and binding document and there are consequences to breaking the agreement.

    If you have a prenup or are interested in a postnup before you get a Michigan divorce, contact Michigan Divorce Help to learn more about how this can affect your circumstances.


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