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    4 Tips for Successful Summer Parenting Time

    Parents look forward to summer vacation because it means a break from lunchbox duty, rushing to catch the bus, and adhering to a strict schedule. But this last point can be a problem. A less structured routine means kids can get anxious, stressed, or sad – especially if you and your ex don’t have similar routines at all. Divorced parents have a mental load to manage that can make summer feel like anything but a break, and your kids feel that worry too. Here’s how to create a parenting time schedule with your Michigan divorce lawyer’s help that you and your children can feel good about every summer.

    1. Communicate

    You may not be going through the most amicable Michigan divorce, but if you and your ex can prioritize your children, life will be better for everyone in your family. Good communication is key and that means:

    • Tell your ex when and where you have a vacation planned, who’s going, and if the kids are coming too.
    • Give as much notice as possible about major trips, camps, or outings.
    • Make requests early if you want to change up a week, weekend, or month when it comes to who has the kids.

    Successful co-parenting is about deliberate communication and cooperation that takes everyone’s needs and hopes into consideration. Kids will feel more secure when they know their parents are on the same page – and they’ll feel free to have fun whether they’re with either parent.

    2. Respect

    You know what your ex’s limitations are when it comes to family or job or health matters. Their mother may be visiting the first two weeks of August and expect to see the grandkids but that’s when you have them – you could ignore this and be difficult or make an exception and respect the situation for what it is and be willing to work around it. Hoping, of course, that you will be given the same respect in return.

    Mutual respect also comes into play as you discuss your ex and as he or she discusses you. Your kids hear what you’re saying, feel your energy, and read your expressions. Find the way that you communicate best with each other and that doesn’t impact the kids so they can feel free to be connected to both of you without feeling like they’re betraying the other parent.

    3. Be Flexible

    Your kids will age and you’ll still be divorced from your ex and your parenting time parameters will still be in place. Because of your children’s ages, they may want different things, like less time with parents and more time with friends.

    Being flexible means adjusting to your ex’s needs as well as those of your kids. Even though your ex may be reluctant to acknowledge that the kids are growing up, the reality will alter how you all spend your summers. Periodically revisiting your parenting plan ensures that kids get time with both parents and everyone gets their needs met.

    4. Plan

    Rely on your experienced Michigan divorce attorney at Michigan Divorce Help to guide you in developing the most sensible and workable parenting plan for summer and the entire year. Planning is everything, right from the start, and will help your kids enjoy their time with you and their other parent. Contact Michigan Divorce Help in Macomb County, MI, to schedule a consultation to discuss divorce.

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