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    Divorce Attorney Journal

    2 weeksago
    You’re getting a divorce, you’re moving, you have double (or half) the responsibilities you had before, your kids are upset. There are a lot of things happening in the life of a person who’s going through a Michigan divorce, and because of this you can...
    social media mistakes during divorce femminineo attorneys michigan
    1 monthago
    You may want to stay active on your favorite social media platforms during your divorce so you can connect with others. Unfortunately, there are grenades on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and beyond and there are temptations to speak or act in ways that won’t serve...
    March 20, 2023
    2 monthsago

    There is such a thing as a good divorce – and there is also the opposite. You want to be in the crowd that’s successful at changing your life, and that begins by creating your own luck. Retain a qualified and experienced Michigan divorce attorney to help you finalize the split from your ex and be prepared to put in the time to get the outcome you want.

    Gather Documentation

    Asset documentation can be one of the most tedious and frustrating steps of your divorce, but it’s also one of the most crucial. You’ll have to provide a complete financial picture as you know it so your attorney can work from a generous collection of information on your behalf and minimize the need for extensive discovery. The key is to start working on your information-gathering right away, as you may have to request some documentation from companies or financial institutions and that takes time.

    Make sure you can access the following information:

    • Paystubs
    • Bank statements
    • Mortgage statements
    • Tax returns
    • Property tax forms and titles
    • Credit card and utility bills
    • Life insurance policy
    • Retirement accounts
    • Documentation of all assets
    • Marriage certificate

    Speak Up

    One of the worst things you to do during your divorce is to be silent. This is an emotional time and it can be difficult to think about turning the end of your marriage into a business deal but that’s very much what a divorce is. For some people, turning off the personal switch and turning on the money switch helps with making decisions efficiently and in your best interest.

    Above all, don’t be afraid to ask any questions of your divorce attorney. They have seen and heard it all where the end of a marriage is concerned, and there is nothing to be ashamed about. All information is confidential and there are some details in your life that you may not even realize can work in your favor, from your ex’s behavior within the marriage to personal habits of your ex like gambling, drinking, or infidelity. Even though Michigan is a no-fault state, all actions matter, especially when it comes to child custody and support.

    Start Saving

    Divorce can be expensive, but you don’t have to be blindsided by a change in your financial status. Tally your income and expenses – as a now one-earner household – so you know where you stand and what’s ahead:

    • Create a new budget
    • Identify areas where you can cut back
    • Prioritize debt repayment
    • Consider debt consolidation
    • Reach out to creditors to lower interest rates

    You may want to get a second job or a better-paying job or wait for the end of your divorce to split the debt and assets of your union, but you must live through the divorce process first – and that can take many months.

    Make Your Own Luck with the Right Michigan Divorce Lawyer

    Rely on the guidance of your Michigan divorce attorney. They will guide you through the divorce process so you have all the information needed and help you strategize about what’s to come, whether child support amount or ownership of the family home is your priority. There is no wrong answer – your goals are unique to you and your future.

    Get the support you need from the Michigan divorce lawyers at Femminineo Attorneys. Schedule a complimentary consultation today.

    What makes us the right divorce attorneys for you?

    Family Law Expertise

    Most lawyers are in a general practice and do some of everything. One of our main focuses is on Family law and being expert at divorce, custody and support matters.

    Strong Relationships

    We are in court daily, working with the family court judges, their staff and clerks, the Friend of the Court office, the Bar Association and other attorneys working in this area. We pride ourselves on fighting hard for our clients while working well with everyone.


    Our extensive experience and strong relationship with the courts and our peers leads many judges and attorneys to hire us to act as Mediators in other Family Law cases. Make no mistake; having a strong working relationship with the court can have a massive impact on your case. Unlike most attorneys, we have no fear of the court room and are in trial regularly against the best in the business. We see the judges every week and maintain strong ties with their staff.

    We Care

    Although every attorney can “handle” your case, Michigan Divorce Help cares about you and your family. We work extremely hard to keep this difficult process civil and to shelter your children from as much of the negative facets as possible.


    Once your case is concluded, we will be there to help you with any post-judgment problems that may arise.


    Everyone’s financial situation is different and we work with our clients to formulate a fee arrangement that works within your means.


    We have handled every possible situation involving domestic law. We will do everything possible to wrap up your case in a timely manner, avoiding delays that cause unnecessary legal fees.


    When your case cannot be easily solved, we will fight hard and use all of our resources to win. Unlike most attorneys, we have no fear of the court room and we regularly win cases against the best in the business at trial.

    Expert Staff

    Unlike many attorneys who have a part-time typist and work 30 hours a week, we have an expert staff available all day long to assist you and provide immediate service.

    Personal Service

    At Michigan Divorce Help, your case will be handled by an experienced family law attorney. Each of our attorneys in our family law division has many years of experience in handling family law matters.

    We encourage you to see these differences for yourself and call today to speak with one of our partners or schedule a free consultation at our office.

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