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    Pros and Cons of Social Media During Your Divorce

    Social media has its perks. It’s a great way to communicate with those near and far and to spread a message widely with one small post. Unfortunately, using social media during a Michigan divorce can backfire too, turning an otherwise friendly platform into a firestorm of unwanted comments and disdain.

    Pro: You can spread the news widely and quickly.

    When it’s time to tell people you’re getting a divorce, the last thing you want to do is call each friend or family member individually and break the news. Social media can get the job done for you with one simple post and you won’t have to keep repeating the painful words, “We’re getting a divorce.”

    Con: You can be tempted to say too much about your divorce.

    Refrain from disclosing specific details or adding disparaging comments about your ex in any divorce-related posts. Stick to the facts. People will come back at you with questions, they’ll want to know if one of you cheated, they’ll want the dirty details or even post their own speculations. Consider closing comments on particular posts to avoid unwanted interactions.

    Pro: You will have plenty of support.

    The people who really care about you will reach out when you need a hand, are feeling low, or could use support. It’s important during a divorce to know who you can count on and who’s truly there for you. This process can be lonely and stressful and connecting with others is a powerful way to cope.

    Con: You will get plenty of opinions you don’t want.

    There will always be those who take sides against you in your divorce and choose your ex instead, and they won’t be shy about voicing their opinions online. Or they may be quiet, but secretly send your postings to your ex, even if you’ve blocked him. You may find yourself having to weed out negative voices to protect yourself.

    Pro: What you post on social media can help you.

    Are your kids struggling with your divorce? Others in the same situation may yield great advice and resources to help your children cope. Are you in need of a support group? Again, social media can be a great resource and anyone who has been in your same shoes will have wisdom to share.

    Con: What you post can be used against you.

    If your Michigan divorce lawyer advises you to stay off social media during your divorce or to avoid posting anything divorce-related, listen. Even if your account is private, nothing is truly private online and can be used as evidence. Offhand comments or seemingly minor interactions with others could be used against you when it comes to child custody, property division, and child support. If you wouldn’t want a judge to see what you’re about to post, don’t post it.

    Put Social Media On Pause

    Talking about your divorce online in any capacity is risky. Every bit of your behavior and all your words are being scrutinized by opposing counsel in your divorce case and being compared to disclosures and assertions you have made. Lawyers mine social media profiles to get personal information about their client’s ex that might not otherwise be available.

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