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    Love Languages: Good or Bad After Divorce?

    When a marriage ends, there can be a lot of soul searching about why – even if the answer is obvious – and what can be done differently in the future to make love last. Many people turn to love languages, depending on them to define their next relationship. But Michigan divorce is specific, as is marriage – can a person’s love language really make a difference in what’s to come?

    Breaking Down the Love Languages

    There are all sorts of ways to define and categorize love, from languages to tanks. There isn’t one right way to love, and there isn’t one right way to be loved. What is natural though is to seek out the reason your marriage ended in a Michigan divorce. Sometimes, looking at love languages and placing the blame on a popular tenet makes people feel validated.

    For those unfamiliar with the love languages, the concept is only a few decades old, but Dr. Gary Chapman, the man who coined them, has been married for 40+ years. That’s a pretty good endorsement for his own beliefs. Here’s how the languages break down with a few examples:

    • Quality time: A night together without screens, planning a dinner out.
    • Receiving gifts: Surprise gifts, remembering special dates with a homecooked meal.
    • Acts of service: Unloading the dishwasher, putting the towels in the dryer without being asked.
    • Touch: Hugs, PDA, massages, holding hands.
    • Words of affirmation: Compliments, appreciation.

    People give and receive love in different ways – the important takeaway from love languages, love tanks, or any of these popular theories, is that your partner needs to know exactly how to speak your version of love, and vice versa. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been divorced or not.

    Factors That Influence Love

    What many people don’t often talk about when it comes to defining their love language is all the other things that affect this feeling, not just your inherent responses to love. Consider:

    • Gender
    • Financial stability
    • Health
    • Family difficulties
    • Job stresses
    • Personality

    There are plenty of outside factors that could have influenced your marriage and led to your divorce but, chances are, there were more issues within your relationship that led to its end. You know what some of these are and may have yet to unearth others.

    Love After a Michigan Divorce

    As you head into a love life post-divorce, you’ll be thinking about the things people have told you about their relationships. You may be bitter and angry or anxious and nervous. You may be reading the “foolproof” self-help books to find a relationship that will not tank.

    Ultimately – and you know this in your heart – compatible relationships come from respecting each other’s differences. Speaking a love language doesn’t have to be as deliberate as some would have it seem. Simply looking at your partner, recognizing and accepting them for who they are, and acting accordingly and in ways they would love, is all either of you need to do.

    Divorce and Love Languages

    If you haven’t memorized the love languages by the time you’re ready to date after your divorce, don’t worry. You can still meet the right person, and you can still speak each other’s language. Your divorce was hard, your marriage may have been even harder, but your future can be easy.

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