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    How Divorce Can Impact Your Heart and Health

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    Love and divorce can be a brutal pair. One comes first and the hope is that the second will never materialize. If a Michigan divorce does come your way, however, it’s important to know how this life change can affect you – not just emotionally and financially, but physically. There is only so much a divorced heart can be expected to take, and it’s critical to prioritize your well-being so you can come out strong on the other side.

    Mental Health Side Effects During Divorce

    There are plenty of feelings that divorcing couples experience as they systematically take apart their relationship and way of life as they know it. The most common include:

    • Sadness
    • Anger
    • Frustration
    • Indifference
    • Disappointment
    • Happiness
    • Grief

    Mental health requires kid gloves during a Michigan divorce because of an increase in the chance of developing stress, depression, and anxiety. Someone who has never experienced anxious feelings before may discover a tight feeling in their chest – not necessarily because of the split itself but because of their new costs of living or added responsibilities or not seeing their kids every day. Everyone has different triggers, but the body’s response to them can make a person suffer physically as well as mentally.

    It’s important to be honest with yourself and your feelings. Allow yourself to be angry or sad, thrilled or excited for the future. There is no wrong way to feel when you’re getting a divorce – acknowledge your true emotions and embrace them to make sense of them. Take care of yourself and reach out to medical professionals sooner rather than later.

    The Reality of Broken Heart Syndrome

    When mental health isn’t addressed adequately and accurately, it can manifest physically and begin to make a person suffer in body and spirit, particularly during a divorce. With every new element that comes along, from child custody to parenting time to spousal support, there is more to mentally process and physically manage.

    • The body’s nervous system can be triggered by feelings experienced during divorce and incite a stress response.
    • You might find yourself dealing with heart palpitations, chest pain, or shortness of breath.
    • You may feel like you’re having a heart attack, when really it could be Broken Heart Syndrome.
    • You can expect your body to dish out unwanted feelings during your divorce – never ignore them. (If you’re experiencing any heart attack symptoms, call 911.)

    While a real heart attack is caused by a clogged artery, broken heart syndrome is believed to be caused by a surge of stress hormones, like adrenaline. Usually, an intense emotional or physical event precedes broken heart syndrome and causes a strong emotional reaction – enter the divorce.

    Your Heart and Body Are Telling You Something

    Stress chemicals cause ups and downs on the body and make people suffer legitimate heartache, even if you’re the one who initiated your divorce. This is not an easy time in life. Ending a marriage is a huge decision and transition, especially if you’re worried about the well-being of your children too. Get support from a Michigan divorce attorney who understands. Contact Femminineo Attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

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