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2 weeksago
Social media has its perks. It’s a great way to communicate with those near and far and to spread a message widely with one small post. Unfortunately, using social media during a Michigan divorce can backfire too, turning an otherwise friendly platform into a firestorm...
4 weeksago
No marriage is perfect, no matter how much money you have. This is becoming especially clear as more news is revealed daily about the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates. The power couple have used their wealth to build a foundation and donate to science...
December 20, 2012
8 yearsago

It was hard to miss one of the most dramatic entertainment-related stories of the summer: Katie Holmes files for divorce from Tom Cruise. The subtitle? Even though the couple’s main residence was in California, she filed for divorce in the state of New York, establishing residency there for the sole purpose of divorcing in a territory where she felt most comfortable and where she felt the courts would be on her side.

While it’s possible to speculate about the ins and outs of this famous divorce, the takeaway for anyone divorcing in Michigan is this: Jurisdiction matters.

What Does “Jurisdiction” Mean in Michigan Divorce?

In a Michigan divorce, the term “jurisdiction” refers to the court that will be hearing your divorce case. All divorce cases in Michigan are held in the circuit court of the county in which the person who has filed for divorce presently resides.

Seems pretty straightforward, right? Perhaps. But it’s important to know that there are two very crucial details that can affect how costly and inconvenient a divorce can be if jurisdiction gets in the way.

The Two Numbers You Need to Know in a Michigan Divorce

It’s necessary for a person to live in the state of Michigan for at least 180 days before they can file for divorce. You must be established as a resident. This law was put into place to ban people from moving to Michigan from another state and filing after living here for only a few days.

The 10-day rule for county residency is also important – 10 days is how long you have to live in a Michigan county before you are permitted to file for divorce. This number may not seem significant, but it can actually be very impactful on a divorce case.

Consider this scenario: A couple lives in Macomb County. One person decides to go to Traverse City for a few days “to visit.” But what they’ve actually chosen to do is apply for residency and take all the steps related to it, including filing for a divorce as soon as those 10 days are up.

Just like Tom had to head to New York City for divorce proceedings to accommodate Katie’s filing in that state, if your spouse has set up residency in another county and files there, you will be required to travel to that county to try your divorce case. If you’re suspicious of your soon-to-be-ex-spouse’s “vacation” to another part of Michigan, it’s in your best interest to file for divorce before they do to avoid the time, money, and inconvenience of divorcing in another area of Michigan.

Fighting Jurisdiction in a Michigan Divorce

Divorce is never convenient, but it doesn’t have to be even more inconvenient because of jurisdiction. If your spouse has filed for divorce in another part of Michigan, further complicating the ending of your union and making it nearly impossible for you to juggle work, family, and other obligations while dealing with your divorce, contact Femminineo Attorneys, PLLC in Macomb, Michigan, to discuss your options.


What makes us the right divorce attorneys for you?

Family Law Expertise

Most lawyers are in a general practice and do some of everything. One of our main focuses is on Family law and being expert at divorce, custody and support matters.

Strong Relationships

We are in court daily, working with the family court judges, their staff and clerks, the Friend of the Court office, the Bar Association and other attorneys working in this area. We pride ourselves on fighting hard for our clients while working well with everyone.


Our extensive experience and strong relationship with the courts and our peers leads many judges and attorneys to hire us to act as Mediators in other Family Law cases. Make no mistake; having a strong working relationship with the court can have a massive impact on your case. Unlike most attorneys, we have no fear of the court room and are in trial regularly against the best in the business. We see the judges every week and maintain strong ties with their staff.

We Care

Although every attorney can “handle” your case, Femminineo Attorneys cares about you and your family. We work extremely hard to keep this difficult process civil and to shelter your children from as much of the negative facets as possible.


Once your case is concluded, we will be there to help you with any post-judgment problems that may arise.


Everyone’s financial situation is different and we work with our clients to formulate a fee arrangement that works within your means.


We have handled every possible situation involving domestic law. We will do everything possible to wrap up your case in a timely manner, avoiding delays that cause unnecessary legal fees.


When your case cannot be easily solved, we will fight hard and use all of our resources to win. Unlike most attorneys, we have no fear of the court room and we regularly win cases against the best in the business at trial.

Expert Staff

Unlike many attorneys who have a part-time typist and work 30 hours a week, we have an expert staff available all day long to assist you and provide immediate service. We are available to our clients 24 hours a day through our hot line at 586-854-3654.

Personal Service

At Femminineo Attorneys, your case will be handled by an experienced family law attorney. Each of our attorneys in our family law division has many years of experience in handling family law matters.

We encourage you to see these differences for yourself and call today to speak with one of our partners or schedule a free consultation at our office.

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