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    5 Terrifying Things About Michigan Divorce

    There are plenty of scary things that happen during divorce. From start to finish, you will be hit with blindsides. It’s terrifying to ride this roller coaster of a journey for a year or more, but when you get a Michigan divorce there are some things you simply can’t avoid. Other spooky moments you can get past with the help of an experienced Michigan divorce lawyer.

    1. Being Served with Divorce Papers

    Whether you are ready to get divorced or not, being served with divorce papers can feel like a punch to the gut. Your partner has really done it – they’ve taken the first legal step to end your marriage. Now it’s real. Opening that envelope is a moment that could haunt you forever. Make sure you read all the documents carefully, check for a deadline by which you need to respond, then get yourself a Michigan family law attorney immediately to help you prepare your response.

    2. Discovering Hidden Assets

    Some divorcing people will find out during divorce discovery that their ex has been hiding assets for years. Your lawyer will advise you about hiring forensic financial professionals if it is necessary to track down hidden accounts or missing assets. It is possible to include a provision in your divorce paperwork that requires your ex to pay a penalty should they be hiding assets that are discovered later.

    3. Facing Debt

    Equally as awful as discovering hidden assets is discovering hidden debt that your ex has been collecting, partially in your name. Even if you are completely aware of the amount of debt the two of you have accumulated, it can be terrifying to accept that you are now responsible for paying off at least half of it. It’s scary, but facing debt head on will help you come up with a plan to begin paying it off so your credit score and other assets are not negatively impacted

    4. Testifying in Court

    Maybe you’re not much of a public speaker, maybe you prefer to have private conversations privately, maybe you’re just a normal person who (besides judges and lawyers) is more comfortable out of a courtroom than in it. If there is any chance that you have to testify in your divorce proceedings or stand and make a statement, your divorce lawyer will prepare you for it, right down to your body language and choice of clothing.

    5. The Thought of Losing Your Kids

    For so many couples, money fights are the least of their concerns in their Michigan divorce. It’s the thought of giving up parenting time with their children or losing custody that are their biggest fears. Even if you share joint custody with your ex and you have an even amount of parenting time, things will be different. Some people do discover, though, that their relationships with their kids are richer after divorce because they spend more concentrated time together. They learn to appreciate every moment they have with each other.  

    Don’t Get Spooked by a Michigan Divorce

    If you arm yourself with all the right tools and an attorney who is on your side, you will make it through this scary time. Get support from the family law attorneys at Michigan Divorce Help in Mt. Clemens. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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